Laserow Antiques First Blog

by Liza Laserow

I have been wanting to start an antique blog for years. Mainly since I feel there is a need of a good, interesting and yet educational blog about antiques and antiques in interior design. So why wait any longer?? Now is the time to do it!

I am born and raised with antiques and interior design and by a mother  (Karin Laserow) who has a great knowledge and a strong creative mind. She always loved the more crazy, provocative and fun side of antiques. “A hell with the rural romanticism!” “Use your antiques!” were a few of my mothers thoughts about the subject. I think she was and still is absolutely right. Not that I don’t LOVE the antiques you see at a museum or the pieces that are too valuable to use in your everyday life….but on the other hand…use them if YOU want to! Antiques should be bought because the buyer loves them – that is what will make them precious in your life. If you are buying to resell the story is a bit different. Oh well… I hope my blog about antiques will inspire to use antiques, to love antiques but also to know a little more about what antiques really are.