Mission Of the Month

by Liza Laserow

I very often do customized and pin pointed shopping for my clients. They can be great collectors of a certain style or item or they are interior designers looking for the right piece to make their design perfect and interesting. Its fascinating to go on the hunt to find what they are looking for. The focus varies from the style to size to just a feeling. The journey from the first meeting with the client to the final delivery is a lot of fun.

A while back ago a client called me who had for a long time been looking for the perfect Gustavian chest of drawers for his private home on the Upper East Side in New York City. He is a high end interior designer with a great love for Swedish Gustavian furniture. I got a detailed description: mahogany and with a white marble top. The dimensions were also important.

The result was a chest from the Late Gustavian period 1790-1810, made in mahogany with beautiful brass details and had the white marble top.

Email from my client sent along with the picture above of the chest:

“Attached is a photo if the chest, which is much more beautiful in person as you know. I am so pleased as the details and patina of the wood, brass and marble is so beautiful and has such character.

Thank you for finding me such a lovely piece of furniture.”