Adopted By J.Crew

by Liza Laserow

Changing area at J. Crew’s Liquor Store

The table adopted by Mr Glenn Tuma for J. Crew

Black painted Swedish Karl Johan tilt top – table from Laserow Antiques

Extremely proud that Mr Glenn Tuma, the  visual manager of creative services at J. Crew, who sources art, furniture and textiles, and conceptualizes windows and interiors for J. Crew’s specialty stores and showrooms, picked items from Laserow Antiques to use for their new project. When I moved to New York, soon 6 years ago, J. Crew was nothing you would want to wear. Now, they are doing an incredible job with their design and by adding antiques and vintage pieces to their stores they are creating interesting, beautiful and warm atmospheres like the Liquor Store on West Broadway and White in Tribeca.