Exciting Projects Coming Up!

by Liza Laserow

1. Fashion HEARTS Antiques: My ambition of giving antiques a status of more kool might be working out very well. I was last contacted by an amazing fashion brand that wants to use Swedish antiques for the set design of their Resort fashion show. Fingers crossed and I will be telling you more as soon as I can.

2. Inspiring Ladies: Have been asked to be in a REALLY fabulous magazine as an “inspiring lady” to talk about Laserow Antiques and my wardrobe! Photo Shoot is coming up!!

3. Education, education, education: The more you know about antiques the more fun it is. Starting in the fall Laserow Antiques will be collaborating with Visit Sweden in an online series of antique classes about Swedish antiques and castles. I will of course let you know when, what and how!