Q and A: Karin Laserow

by Liza Laserow

I thought Id let you get to know my mother a little bit more. The force behind and founder of Laserow Antiques.

1. Tell a little bit about yourself: Where do you live, What do you work with..?

I Live in the Swedish country side, a 40 minutes drive from Malmoe, where Im neighbor with the open fields of Skane. I love my work where I get to deal with objects with a great history. I believe an antique is a piece of culture that truly can enhance the quality of once life. I get stimulated to explore, do research but first and fore most to give the antiques a place in an every day life.

2. How come you started working with antiques?

Well, its not that complicated. I always had a big passion for history and antiques and have been a collector for many years. When I met my husband and life partner, Kaj, he had an antique shop in the heart of Malmoe. I pretty quickly took over the responsibility and developed it  from a small little shop to a company with a branch in New York. Not bad right?

3. You have been working with antiques for 35 years – What keeps you motivated?

My motivation lies within my curiosity to find new amazing things. You never stop to come across antiques that will challenge your knowledge and make you discover new things. The thought of passing it on to the next generation is a also a huge drive. Working together with my daughter turns the ambition into reality!

4. Do you have a favorite period?     

My absolute favorite period is Baroque. I would call it the period of the periods. It was during that time the base for the Swedish furniture history was laid out. The power and force in the carvings, the deep strong colors and the shape are extremely appealing to me.

5 . Describe you favorite kind of antique

My favorite piece of furniture is constantly changing but today I would say this chest of drawers from the early part of the Rococo period in a perfect original condition. Clean flowing lines, veneer in light wood and decorated with beautiful ornate hardware in gilded bronze. It also has a leaf for writing, practical and beautiful at the same time!

6. The most beautiful interior?

My favorite interior design is actually my own in our large farm in the countryside. I have my favorite pieces that I have carefully selected and chosen to keep over the years. I got to plan the house when we gut renovated it so its well planned with a large kitchen for cooking en suite to our dining room where we love to entertain guests. The floor plan is fairly simple but a detail I love is that you can stand in the kitchen and see all they way through 5 rooms thanks to the placement of the doorways.

7. Your most interesting clients?    

The most interesting with our clients is that they are all very different but with a great intrerest for antiques as a common factor. When you have that in combination with their confidence in you as an antique dealer its the best relationship. When I sell antiques to my clients I know they have found a new great home.

8. Your tip on how to buy antiques?

Use these three lead words: style, knowledge and budget. Always buy an antique with your heart and according to what YOU like. Guidance to a great buy is to buy quality pieces. If you are buying for your home, figure out where you are going to place it and what your budget is. Never be afraid to mix old and new – Thats the key to the best style!!

9. Is knowledge important when buying antiques?       

Knowledge is important to have if you are exploring the field on your own but if you buy in a well known antique shop you should be able to trust the antique dealer selling you the piece. If you are after to make an investment I would recommend to ask an expert on the subject.

10.  Favorite museum?

A place called “Kulturen”, I guess you could translate it into “The home for culture”. Its a neighborhood in, Lund, a university city located in the southern part of Sweden, with ancient houses with their original interiors in their authentic environment. Its like time stood still. Very facinating and interesting.

11. Favorite music?

The music made for the Swedish Castle Drottningholm by Johan Hemlich Roman. In the morning and for dinners I love Nat King Cole.

12. Whan cant you live without? 

I could live without everything except for my beloved family including our dog Charlie (a balck standard sized poodle) and our friends. Materialistic things can be replaced but if there was a fire I would probably grab my 18th Century French candelabras in gilded and dark patinated bronze on my way out. They are STUNNIG and have been lighten many many times on our dining table as well as on the bathtub.