And if you are in Paris….Go see: Ladies of the Trianon

by Liza Laserow

Catherine – Henriette d’Harcourt, Duchess of Arpajon (1622 – 1701) Pictured in fashions dating from early in Louis XIV’s reign. Her dress is decorated with strings of pearls; her necklace and earrings are also made of pearls and she is holding a ribbon with a medallion in her hand.

At the Palace of Versaille from the  July 03 to October 14th the exhibition “Ladies of the Trianon” is on.  The two Trianon palaces that were  spring and summer residences of the Kings of France were built for their lovers but very soon became places for strolling and relaxing away from the protocol of the court of Versailles. The prettiest women got invited  for performances and country parties in the privacy of the royal family and its the paintings of those women who visited Trianon regular basis that are on display. The first lady to visit were Queen Maria-Theresa the wife of Louis XIV  and the last were Austria Empress Eugénie of France who had the Petit Trianon turned into a museum devoted to the memory of Marie-Antoinette.

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