New York & Skåne

by Liza Laserow


I am born and raised in Skåne, Sweden and now living in New York. Every summer I travel home to Skåne to spend time with my beloved family and friends. Now its time again! Tomorrow im leaving New York for 2 weeks of fun, business and pleasure!

New York

The history of New York begins arpund 10,000 BC when the first native Americans arrived then 1524 discovered by the French to be first claimed by the Dutch 1609 who named the city: New Amsterdam. The dutch colony was an important part of the fur trade but then became an agricultural resource. During mid 17th Century England renamed the city to New York after York in Yorkshire. During thr 18th Century it became a major trading port on the east coast. New York’s constitution was adopted 1777 that later strongly influenced the United States Constitution and 1787 it became the eleventh state of the Union. with the immigration from Europe during the 19th Century as an inspiration The Statue of Liberty was built. As a symbol of hope for the immigrants. During the 1920’s New York boomed before the Wall Street Crash iin 1929. After World War II New York was close to bankruptcy but managed to turn it around and attract more immigrants. the city became a media capital over the second half of the 20th Century.


Located in the southern part of Sweden Skåne, covering 3% of Swedens total are, is and will always be the most beautiful part of the country. Yes, that is my very own subjective opinion but if you havent been, go and you will see Im right! Skane belonged to Denmark up until 1658 when the Treaty of Roskilde was made. The Danes tried to retake Skane up until the Battle of helsingborg 1710 when they failed and never tried again. It wasnt until 1720 Skane was a proper part of Sweden and not a conquered “foreign land” and during the 19th Century the Swedish government forced the region to change their language from Danish to Swedish.