Old Is New – 2022

by Liza Laserow


The other day my dad sent me a really interesting article published in Dagens Industri, a swedish newspaper comparable to Financial Times. They have predicted in what way we will consume clothes, food and furniture in year 2022. Professors from each field gave their verdicts and it all points towards one thing: Quality before quantity.

Clothes: You will rent cheaper clothes and invest in high quality pieces that you will have fixed when they rip.

Food: You will bake your own bread and grow your own vegetables. During the busy work week you will eat pre-made but healthy food and cook your own on the weekends. Your grocery store will have educated staff to educate you and give you suggestions what groceries to buy for the seasons and how to prepare them.

For the world of furniture and interior design the challenge is to apply “green” design. The movement has definitely already started. For instance IKEA is suggesting that you reupholster your sofa instead of purchasing a new one. Staffan Bengtsson, Editor in chief at the design magazine Bruno predicted an interior design trend where homes would look like Karl Larssons home in Dalarna, Sweden, with wooden furniture painted in strong colors. He was right and in the glossy interior design magazines antiques and vintage furniture are being used more and more. Many companies are also making more durable furniture and he sees a growing interest in the craft. The interior magazine Residence Editor in chief predicts that furniture with a mark from a chisel will be THE thing to go for 2022.

Working with antiques from 1650-1850’s I couldnt agree with this article more. Why consume newly made furniture over and over again when you can invest in a beautiful piece that will last for ever? I mean the proof its in the pudding – a chair from the 18th century has already been around for centuries and will most likely survive both you and I.