Month: November, 2012

The Secret…


The Swedish hotel Ett Hem has certainly nailed the secret how to create an interior to feel cozy yet suitable for the contemporary person. Whats is the secret? To mix old and new of course! In these pictures taken of the hotels guest house’s kitchen  the Brittish interior designer Ilse Crawford achieved to preserve the history of the old diplomat building by using some traditional Swedish antiques. The chandelier is called “Malmkrona” a word referring to the material its made of: Malm. Underneath you can see a rustic “bockbord” or a trestle table used as dining table and is a tydpical “Allmoge” or folk art table.

Did you like the chandelier?


Contrasts By Roman & Williams


Bedroom by Roman and Williams

Living Room by Roman and Williams

I have been a fan of the design team Roman and Williams work for a long time and these two pictures really shows you why. They mix colors, textures and materials really well. They are not afraid of being bold and thats what makes their design stick out. I have always said – create contrasts and you will get a vivid result. In the dark bedroom Roman and Williams used the contrasts of color – white pillows towards the dark wall and fur blanket. In the living room contrast of materials meet, such as velvet fabric on the sofa together with a rustic renaissance chair. Thats how antiques should be used in a modern setting!

That Rustic Table…

The table at the top is simply one of my favorites right now. We got it in just the other week and I wish wish wish I could place it our apartment. The table is from the 18th Century and made in my beloved mother land Sweden. The gray tone to the wood makes work in any modern setting and with a height of only 54 cm its perfect as a coffee table.

Mahognay Dressed in White

A pair of Karl Johan armchairs made 1820’s

Gray Bedding

Gray flannel sheetsGray quilted and tufted

Gray cotton

Love them all!

Venetian Style

Venetian mirror from the 20th Century. New on laserowantiques.1st today!

Picture found at A Perfect Gray

Venetian mirrors has something special about them. I thought this bathrooms was a perfect example how to used it by mixing it with a rustic chest of drawers turned into a vanity.

A Lost Week

By Fabian Berglund

Broadway Friday Nov 2nd

Finally NYC is up and running again. The past week was one of the weirdest experiences I have ever had. Power went out Monday evening and internet along with that and slowly the hot water disappeared. We were lucky compared to many many other around New York though. This is the first day I am back working in our office – felt like the week got stolen.  See pictures of the disaster caused by the storm: