Month: December, 2012

Holiday Flowers

saipua_winter1 Flower arrangement by SaipuaXXX_8829_1281014284_1_768_2

For your table: Use a mix of flowers in different shades of red in white and blue Ming jars from 16th/17th Century. Get them here!

Holiday flowers Flower Decoration by Saipua in Brooklyn

XXX_8829_1332175479_1For the front yard: A set of 4 Russian cast Iron urns. More information here!

Holiday flowers 2Bouquet of flowers by Saipua in Brooklyn

01_XXX_8829_1294077577_1_1For your entrance hall: A pair of 18th Century fajance urns with flower details. More information here!


Light up the Dark

 220112122246A pair of Swedish Baroque candlesticks in decorated brass

Photo by Niklas Lundström

110312160107Photo by Niklas Lundström

…with a mix of old and new! When the days are getting shorter and shorter light is important and whats more beautiful than the light from a candle? Create a mix of contemporary glass and rustic metal like the second picture. Pretty nice right?

See more candlesticks here!

Chef Marcus Jernmarks own words on…


on using Swedish antiques when decorating Aquavit’s 2012 Christmas table:

“Celebrating Christmas at AQUAVIT is something that we have been doing throughout the 25 years we have been in business. We have always been a mid-century design driven restaurant. As much we love it thanks to its clean lines and timeless feel I am especially excited to introduce Swedish antiques from Laserow Antiques to the room to intensify the authentic feel that we want to give our guests when dining with us during the holiday season. To work with antiques in a modern setting really capture a third dimension and that is very appreciated by our guest and friends.”

Make reservations to try the amazing Swedish food and deserts:


Julbord by Aquavit + Laserow Antiques

8239238989_ab3cb159c3_bAn English jardeniere from the 19th century in polished brass. Filled with apples and placed on Aquavits long bar.

8239997648_d8f836c6e1_bLeft: Liza Laserow and Chef Marcus Jernmark. Right: A traditional Swedish “Christmas goat” made of hay

8240012240_cfc39d3c61_bDessert table decorated with a 19th Century brass coffee pot, 20th Century Candelabra and a Swedish Rococo samovar.

8239991114_935afa7b2c_bAll the delicious food created by Aquavit on the Christmas table decorated with Swedish cast iron urns from 19th century and a brass candelabra.


Last weekend Laserow Antiques was asked by Aquavit and Chef Marcus Jernmark to create their annual Julbord (a smorgasbord for Christmas). We choose to work with polished brass and black to enhance the red table cloth Marcus has chosen.

Want to create the same feeling in your home? Go to and find antiques for your table!

All photos by Fabian Berglund