Keeping A Royal Time

by Liza Laserow

21101114482011Gustavian wall clock signed by Jacob Kock. Photo by Niklas Lundstöm

During the 18th Century clocks of different kinds became highly popular and towards the end of the century wall clocks even more so than the floor clocks. The Gustavian wall clock had a round face mounted in a beautiful case made of gilded wood. The case had a characteristic shape and symmetrical decor. The elements are restrained and typical for the period: Pine cones, urns, laurel swags, ribbons and regular boarders. Above is a wall clock with all the attributes proofing its a clock made for the Royal court. Jacob Kock was the clock maker for The Majesty, king of Sweden, Gustav III. This piece is a particularly large and decorated with all the right details and elements.

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