Laserow at The Castle

by Liza Laserow

Vapen frilagdThe family crest of Cronacker-Coyet 1766

15194Bjärsjölagårds Castle

Last year Laserow Antiques was asked to take on the noble project to reinvent and update the interior of a 18th Century castle in the Southern part of Sweden – we were more than happy to accept.

Bjarsjolagards Castle’s history goes back all the way to 16th Century, then called Beritzholm. That building was  torn down early 1500 and material was used to build Svaneholm Castle (located not to far away). At the end of the same century Bjerröds Ladugård was built and gave both the castle and the village its name. Its what today is Bjärsjölagård.

When Skane went from being Danish to Swedish year 1658 the castle was given to the Cronacker- Coyet family who built both the main house and the northern wing (1766-1777). Both houses are built according to the Rococo architecture while the south wing, added 1812, got the Empire period’s look.

The gorgeous tile stove located in the main room was created by Bulow 1865 when the family decided to develop the business around the limestone mining that had been in operation since the 17th Century.

Since 1958 the castle has been owned by Hushållningssällskapet Malmö.

We are highly honored and more blog posts will follow to show you the changes we are making room by room.

To Be Continued….