Month: April, 2013

Karl Johan Period

150412111519Pair of Swedish Karl Johan chairs in mahogany with gilded details.

250212111228Sofa from the Empire period made in France. Frame of dark polished mahogany with gilt bronze decorations. 4 front legs ending with lion feet in gilt bronze.

220212201537Drop leaf table made in Stockholm, Sweden. Details according to the periods highest fashion such as lion feet and lions head. The drawers keyhole is elegantly hidden behind the gilded lions head.

1810 the french officer Jean Babtiste Bernadotte came to southern Sweden accompanied by one of Napoleons marshals Monsieur Bernadotte , the man who was going to become King Karl XIV Johan.  It was at this time the French Empire style came to Sweden. Napoleons architects: Charles Percier and Pierre Fontaine developed the style in France during the late 1790. They took Neoclassicism and gave it heavier look. Inspired by the roman empires strong  lined art and architecture warlike attributes such as eagles, shields, helmets and spears became important symbols of the period. The glory years for this period was between 1804-1814 when Napoleon I was the emperor which also gave the period its name; Empire. During 1830 the style got softer and late Empire and in southern part of Sweden it got blonder – Biedermeier.

Mahognay with gilded details dominated the periods materials for furniture and mirrors and it was during this period the wallpaper was introduced in the form of panoramic views with classical ruins. Silk upholstery with matching window treatments in strong colors such as green, lemon yellow, red or gold was the highest fashion. Sweden also got its first silk weaving mill thanks to a Swede who smuggled a weaving chair to Sweden from France.

Read more about Swedish porphyry during the Karl Johan period.

Slottet återfår sin historia – Ystad Allehanda

hfe_slott8_jpg_1089399aKarin Laserow by one of many beautiful tile stoves in the castle.

“Bjärsjölagård slott har genomgått en antiktslyftning. Salong efter salong har fått en ny inredning och nya färger, inspirerade av slottets långa historia. Nu satsar hushållningsällskapet också på hemmapubliken, och bjuder in till antikskola och andra aktiviteter på slottet.”

Thank you Ystad Allehanda for a beautiful article about Laserow Antiques project on redoing and updating Bjarsjolagard Castle.

Read the full article here!


Gustavian Armchairs In Leather

masculine5Source unknown

XXX_Pair_of_ChairsA pair of Swedish Neoclassical armchairs made during the late part of the Gustavian period

4st_gustavianska_iradA set of four Gustavian armchairs made and signed (I L G) by Johan Lindgren. A chair maker during 1786-1800 in Stockholm.

Beautiful way of softening the look of the modern table in front of  a floor to ceiling window. The washed white paint creates an interesting clash with the leather.  Im guessing the pictures is from an office….?


Light Your Candles

helping-hands1Picture from A Daily Something

helping-hands6Picture from A Daily Something
XXX_P1040850A pair of French brass candelabras made during the Baroque period ca 1700. 2 arms on each candelabra for candles.



A pair of French Baroque/Louize XIV candlesticks in lovely patinated brass. Decorated with flowers and swags. Octangonal base. All original condition.

Colorful Pillows



XXX_3_vvnadPillow made from Swedish 19th Century Fabric.



Pillow made from Swedish 19th Century Fabric


Adding details with a hink of pink is getting into fashion again. Great way is to keep your basic colors black and white (just like the picture) then add splashes of color with accessories.

Mix Yourself!

GrayTheDiversionProject Inspiration

190212121523A large Swedish Rococo mirror from the Rococo period in carved and gilded wood. Original mirror glass. Laserow Antiques.

Tresstle table shortSwedish 19th Century trestle table. Laserow Antiques.

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 9.06.11 AMContemporary all upholstered chairs.


Old Linen In a New Way

lace-1Picture from Anna gillar


Karin LaserowInterior by Laserow Antiques & Interior Design

Old Swedish linen can be more than charming in the right interior. Check your grandmothers linen cabinet or let us know what you are looking for!


Antique School / Antikskola


Om ni kan vara med på Bjärsjölagårds Slott söndagen den 21 april kl. 14.00 – 16.00 så missa inte chansen att gå på ANTIKSKOLA med Karin Laserow och Peder Lamm. Det finns endast ett begränsat antal platser så anmäl dig senast den 15:e  april till Birgitta Folkesson på tel. 0415 – 412 90. Anmälan är bindande och det kostar endast 300 kronor som betalas på plats. Till föreläsningen bjuds det på Afternoon Tea med hemmalagade varma scones.

Bjärsjölagård önskar er VARMT VÄLKOMNA!

Gustavian Dining Chairs

diningGustavian Dining Chairs in the with a so called “humleqvist” carving.

2. Gustavian 6Set of six Gustavian Dining Chairs

10. Gustavian HumlekvistA rare set of 8 Gustavian dining chairs.

Contact us for more information about these or other sets of Gustavian dinign chairs.

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 2.10.39 PM