Month: June, 2013

French AD Interior Designer List

81-Architectural-Digest-_-France-_-4-2013.1French AD Collector 2013 Interior Design Special No 08.

Go get this number of AD Collector. Contains amazing inspirations and the best interior designer of 2013.

Laserow Antiques’s favorites:

1. Chad Oppenheimer

2. Pierre Yves Rochon

3. Studio Pregalli

4. Roman and Williams


1st Dibs at NYDC Editorial

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 7.58.10 PMThis weeks Introspective Magazine on 1st

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 7.57.46 PMBeautiful editorial about the 54 antique dealers on the 10th floor at NYDC.
Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 7.57.28 PMThank you for including Laserow Antiques!

Read the full story here. 

Thank You!

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.51.46 PM

antikviteter2_51bc6bf4e087c30243c2397aAntikviteter i Moden Miljö

Inatt när jag gick runt och vaggade Max till sömns för sjuhundraelfte gången föll min blick på bokhyllan och en coffe table book som jag fick i höstas, men som jag tidigare inte hunnit bläddra i. Antikviteter i modern miljö från Norstedts. Vilken lycka! Plötsligt fann jag svaret på en fråga som gnagt i mig sedan vi flyttat till modern funkislåda. Kan man blanda nytt och nött när man bor i nybyggt?

Translation: Last night when I was putting Max to sleep for the billon time I i noticed a coffee table book in my book case, given to me last fall. I havent had a chance to open it before but now i did – What a pleasure! All of the sudden I found the answer to a question that has been on my mind since we moved to our contemporary  house . “CAN YOU MIX OLD AND DISTRESSED WHEN YOU LIVE IN A CONTEMPORARY HOUSE?” 


Jodå, faktiskt! Den här boken visar massor med goda exempel på att det går alldeles utmärkt och att det dessutom kan bli riktigt snyggt om man gör det med finess. Jag som annars varit en varm förespråkare av att man alltid ska hålla sig till den stil och tid som huset är byggt i fick plötsligt tänka om…vilket jag är tacksam för! Jag har ju dels varit rädd för att behöva slakta några ärvda älsklingar, dels varit lite rädd för att inredningen ska bli stel och opersonlig i vårt nya spikraka och kritvita hem. Men, efter att ha bläddrat igenom den här boken fick jag hopp om livet igen. Om du liksom jag gillar interiörer á laWonderdeco-stilen, men också bor i nybyggt – löp och köp! Eller låna boken på bibblan.

Translation: And the answer was: YES, actually you can! This book gives you tons of great examples showing that mixing old and new does not only work it can be really beautiful if you do it right. Me myself who have been a strong believer that you should stick to the style of what your house / apartment is build in had to rethink…for which I am more than grateful for! My fear have been both to getting rid of old inherited and beloved things and having to live in an stiff and sterile interior in our new and bright white home. After reading this book I all my fears were gone! If you like me like interiors a la Wonderdeco-stilen but is living in a newly built house go and get this book!!


One of Swedens largest interior design blogs by Frida Ramstedt wrote a lovely post about our book: Swedish Antiques in Modern Settings. The post is in Swedish but I have done my best to translate it here.

Thank you so much Frida for all your kind words!


Copy / Paste Black Haan Urn

photo-25Picture from The Houses of Veranda by Lisa Newsom

photo-26 2Close up of same picture.

XXX_8829_129f8918350_1Laserow Antiques: A black Han urn from the Haan period (206 BCE – 220 CE)

This Gorgeous Thing

828336_lAbsolutely gorgeous Gustavian console table from the Gustavian period ca 1780. In Per Ljung’s art.

IMG_0732_lFaux marbled painted top

IMG_0737-1_lFrieze with pearl beading carvings. Rounded and chandelled legs ending with braid carvings.

IMG_0736-1_lLeaf details in a bluish green.

Pretty pretty!

Contact us for more information.

Potterton Books’s Summer Book Tip

art of classical detailsThe Art of Classical Details Theory, Design and Craftsmanship. By Phillip James Dodd

“In The Art of Classical Details, Phillip James Dodd takes a close-up look at some of the finest examples of contemporary classical architecture. Starting with a foreword by renowned decorator David Easton, The Essays are written by some of today’s most sought after architects, scholars and craftsmen including Robert Adam, Peter Pennoyer, Gil Schafer.  Bound to be an all time favorite.”

Buy the book here! 

For the coming 10 weeks I will  post a book tip  given by Potterton Books every Tuesday. Next tip will be up on July 2nd.


Hallway: Black and White Flooring with Mahogany Chest

8e456b53d6bea668f46e05acf93ec79fBeautiful black and white hallway. Picture from Jared Viar Pinterest

XXX_8829_1281013710_1_768_1Swedish late Gustavian (1790-1810) mahogany chest with brass details and gray lime stone top.
x15Pair of cast iron urns from Sweden made during the 19th Century. Stamped Narvakvarn

Stylish Home Office

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 9.27.38 AM1. 19th Century Alder Root writing desk 2. Photo Art in black and white 3. Arne Jacobsen side chair “Myran” 4. Silver cup Sweden 18th Century with a pair of argent hache candlesticks 

If you have to work from home every now and then why not do it in style?



Happy Midsummer!!

Garden Antiques

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 9.23.49 AMAntiques for the garden:1. Pair of foldable Swedish garden chairs 2. French cast iron fountain with sink in shape of a shell 19th C 3. A large Swedish cast iron urn 4. Blue painted bird cage


garden_dreamstime_12807944Dream garden!

Today is the Swedish holiday Midsummer. No other holiday makes all my friends me included to long more for the summer in Sweden. The Swedish summer might be short and not close to as warm as it is here in New York but it is THE BEST! Swedes spend all summer days outdoors by the water, at their summer homes or in their gardens. Swedes live for summer. Decorate your garden with beautiful 18th Century cast iron urns, listen to a pouring fountain while reading your book in a foldable garden chair made during the 19th Century…

Have a lovely Friday!