Month: September, 2013

Composition: Baroque & 1950’s

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 9.59.55 PMComposition with old and new: Black painted Swedish period (1650-1750) Baroque chest of drawers. Pair of French Rococo (1750-1775) gilt bronze wall sconces. Contemporary oil painting and a pair of stools from the 1950’s.


Favorite: Wooden Bowls

tumblr_mrmunwQhQU1rnicnxo1_500Picture from The Poetry of Material Things. 


bild-115-1Large Swedish wooden bowl made from root. Laserow Antiques

bild-115 copyInside with beautiful faded yellow paint.

Inspiration: Large Glass Bottles

IMG_1307Picture from The Poetry of Material Things

IMG_1308Large 18th Century glass vase / bottle – Laserow Antiques

IMG_1369Large Wine cases in clear glass from France – Laserow Antiques