Roar Like A Lion – Pompei Inspiration

by Liza Laserow

photo 1Pompei: Centre table carved in marble with lions head and feet.

photo 2Pompei: Console table carved in marble held up by lions head and feet.

x14Pair of French Empire candelabras in gilt and dark patinated bronze standing on 3 lions feet.

XXX_8829_128992883An exquisite porcelain pillow from the Empire period decorated with Napoleon riding a lion holding a victory cup. One yellow painted porcelain tassle attached in each corner.

XXX_8829_1294245863_1French mahogany sofa from the Empire period, with all four front legs embellished with brass lion casters. Upholstered in black leather.

XXX_8829_1300823422_1English breakfast table with a tilt top, made end of 18th Century. Base with gilt wood lions feet.

More information:

1. Candelabras, 2. Porcelain Pillow, 3. Sofa, 4. Table

We are currently in Italy finding inspiration for coming fall. Yesterday we visited the excavations in Pompei – breathtaking. More to come!