Karin Laserow Co Hosting TV Show

by Liza Laserow

Renèe o Karin. Foto Pär Bäckstrand slash TV4Renee Nyberg and Karin Laserow. Photo: Pär Bäckstrand.

Past meets the present in this fun and challenging game show starting September 25th on one of Sweden’s largest TV channels called Changed is Changed (directly translated from Swedish Bytt är Bytt). Renee Nyberg, a pro with in Swedish television will be hosting the show with our own founder Karin Laserow as the antique expert. In the show the contenders will, with help from Karins guidance and information, guess between 8 objects which one is the most valuable. They are worth up to 500,000 SEK (ca $72, 000). Finally the contenders have one thing left and their winnings equals the value of that object.

“Its a playful way to learn more about antiques and by adding excitement to the mix makes it a smart show and when I met Karin I instantly felt: This will be fun! I  want to work with this lady!” Says Renee Nyberg. “During the filming of the show Karin was despite her experience and great knowledge surprised of the high or low value of the items. It will be super hard for the contenders to figure out the value but thats what makes it so much more interesting.”

The show was shot during one week with 2 shows a day, an intense period where the TV debutant Karin and Renee got to know each other and become good friends.

“I like her a lot. She is skilled and highly professional” Says Karin about Renee. “But I mean should you really have your TV debut at the age of 64?!?!” continues the charismatic lady.

Renee also gives away that she has multiple projects coming up in spring 2015 but they are all not official yet. Regarding this show she says: “I hope we will continue doing it season after season together!”

Start date September 25th on TV4 – To see it outside of Sweden watch it on TV4 Play.