Month: November, 2014


5-remo-ruffini-milan-italy-wsjmag-2014-habituallychicBlack marble, gilded 19th Century oil painting and copper faucet.

No words – It just too good.


The Perfect Cabinet


Screenshot 2014-10-15 11.49.47


French linen cabinet with chicken wire doors, made ca 1800.

Dimensions: H: 7ft, W: 4ft, 9.5 in, D: 16.2 in.

1020374_lPair Chinese cabinets in black lacquer, ca 1790.

Dimensions: H: 6ft, W: 41 in, D: 19.8 in.

8829_1289927854_1_1French Renaissance cabinet in oak, ca 1600.

Dimensions: H: 5ft, 8.1 in, W: 4ft 2 in, D: 24.4 in.

XXX_8829_1350326265_1Swedish bookcase in a white wash paint made early 19th Century.

Dimensions: H: 7ft, 6.5 in, W: 43.3 in, D: 18.8 in.

XXX_8829_1346083171_1Swedish bookcase in birch root veneer from the Karl Johan period 1830’s.

Dimensions: H: 7tf, 4 in, W: 43.5 in, D: 16.5 in.

Lets admit it – Every single thing we own is not cute, even though we would very much like them to be, so hiding those little ugly ducklings in a pretty cabinet is a necessity. Most antique cabinets keep a decent size without being bulky and most important of all – they have beautiful proportions.

Cabinets, as we know them, where developing during the Baroque period during the early 17th Century when furniture where made as individual, freestanding pieces instead of being attached to the walls.

Whats On Your Thanksgiving Table?









1. Set of 6 champagne flutes made in Denmark end of 19th Century.

2. Set of 11 19th Century Danish butter knives. 

3. Pair of English candlesticks made ca 1800. 

4. English plate coaster ca 1850. 

5. Swedish silver wear for 6 ppl made ca 1850. 

6. Blue and White 18th Century Chinese tureen. 

7. Swedish 19th Century glass carafe. 


Stripes Til We Die




New On 1st Dibs This Week!


Gorgeous Late-Baroque Chest of Drawers in Root Veneer.

H: 31.1 in, W: 32.6 in, D: 20.8 in.

1340374_lSet of 3 Louise XVI Period Side Chairs. 

 H: 35 in, W: 20.5 in, D: 18.2 in.

1340378_l-1French empire Mantle Clock 19th Century.

H: 19.5 in, W: 11.5 in, D: 6.3 in.

1340238_lPair of Empire Style Candlesticks. 

H: 9 in. 1340386_l-1Black Neoclassical Chest of Drawers Sweden.

H: 37 in, W: 40.2 in, D: 20.5 in.  
1340222_lPair of Dark Bronze Bowls on Marble Base.

H: 5.5 in.

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Sunday Composition: Black n’ Brass

bildBlack painted Swedish Karl Johan chest of drawers with brass hardware. Empire mantle clock and candlesticks.

All items available at Laserow Antiques.

Rainy Saturday


Stay in, light a fire and just enjoy doing absolutely nothing!