Give Away A Piece of History For The Holidays II

by Liza Laserow


1. Swedish jar made from alder root with a white metal hardware made during the 19th Century. Perfect for the tea lover to store their most precious leaves or for anyone to decorate the bedroom dresser or coffee table.

2. Byredo Amber series candles in perfect holiday scents Safran / Cardamome / Ginembre.

3. Bowl made of Root, Sweden 19th Century. For your mother in law to serve toffees in.

4. Pillow Drinks Lin, Svenskt Tenn.

5. Pair of Swedish porphyry salt and pepper holders in stands made of silver. The perfect gift for anyone who likes to eat.

6. Candlesticks, brass and black wood by Skultuna. Skultuna is Sweden’s oldest industry cities and has an early 17th century brassworks, Skultuna Messingsbruk. This pair is made 19th.

7. The original model of pot Hortus, designed by Josef Frank 1938, was of brass, but during the war, when metal was hard to come by, Estrid Ericson had the Gullakruv glassworks make a variation in glass. Josef Frank presented the Hortus pot in red, green and blue glass, at the Liljewalchs museum’s spring exhibition in 1939.

8. African Mask. Created by the Mama people who live in the interior of Nigeria, to the north of the Jos plateau. The horizontally worn headdresses symbolize a protective bush spirit and emphasize, through an energetic dance masquerade, the aggressive power of the animal itself. Carved from a hard wood and coated with a liberal amount of red pigment (camwood). Gift to yourself and your home!