Month: January, 2013


Gustaviansk soffa

A beautiful Swedish Gustavian sofa bench from 1790-1810 sofa in original paint and no upholstery. Available at Laserow Antiques


Pewter For Your Table



050212140909Plate and beaker from the Rococo period. Picture from Swedish Antiques in Modern Settings by Karin Laserow page 89. Photo by Niklas Lunsdström

During the 18th Century copper was the biggest export in Sweden next after iron. The material had been used since the 17th century for kitchen ware and was now used for producing money and to make brass. Sweden had a large production of copper items designed with English inspirations. The metal was easy to work with, resistant and fairly cheap.

During the second art of the 18th century the pewter also called “poor mans silver” got a revival within the growing middle class in Sweden. It had before only served a purpose to cover the inside of copper pots used for cooking. Plenty of beautifully pewter items were made during this period. The makers borrowed shapes from the silversmiths so when the restrained Gustavian lines became fashionable you could see the popular symbols such as pine nuts, column shapes and peal beading being used by the pewter makers as well.

Over time the pewter plates got replaced by fajance and imported porcelain from China and toward the end of the 18th Century pewter became more and more rare.

Old Doors As A New Headboard


Weekend Inspiration – Happy Saturday!


A Gilded Kitchen

cupboards-restaurant-ghGold colored lamp and hardware creating warm feeling as a contrast to the gray tones.

goldBrass sink and faucet

133630313914543254_O4rpcjEA_cA little brass teapot – Get one here!

Dix Points

parisBath1This might be the perfect bath. The perfect mix of cold and warm material. The perfect combination of old and new. Old: a Louise XVI bench with the upholstery matching the solid white flooring. New: Well…the rest of the bathroom.  And its in Paris… Dix Points!

XXX_8829_1349719008_1Swedish Gustavian stool 1790-1810

XXX_8829_1281013826_1A pair of Swedish Gustavian stools in original paint

XXX_8829_1348506450_1Swedish High Gustavian stool 1775-1790

Still Life in Real Life





Sunday Inspiration


A Swedish “bockbord” in its original finish together with a contemporary version of a windsor chair and the PH Artichoke. Well done Ilse Crawford!

Swedish Karl Johan Chairs

website 1Karl Johan chairs from Laserow Antiques at The Maidstone Arm in East Hampton painted in dark red, yellow and dark gray.

5501THe same type of chair used around a breakfast table. Picture found at Life of Polaren Per

Instead of A Painting….

IMG_1084Penthouse in Tribeca Interior design by Laserow Antiques & Interior Design

Dining AreaA pair of 18th Century doors from Mansdala Manor House in Sweden.

010412121708 BildCountry house in Sweden styled by Laserow Antiques & Interior Design. Photo by Niklas Lundstrom

010412122143 bildA large book cover from Italy in burgundy leather decorated with brass details. Photo by Niklas Lundstrom

Damernas Värld

Laserow_DV_2 bildDamernas Värld January 2013 Issue Page 1

Laserow_DV_1 BildDamernas Värld January 2013 Issue Page 2

Laserow_DV_3 bildDamernas Värld January 2013 Issue Page 3

Laserow_DV_4 bildDamernas Värld Janury 2013 Issue Page 4

Thank you Damernas Värld for a lovely story on our founder Karin Laserow and her book Antiques in Modern Settings!