Month: January, 2014

Carrara – Not The Usual Way

7a6e31d2469d8cb4b1627bc17e248380Beautiful way of laying carrara slabs. The antique oil painting makes the setting just perfect!


Ephraim Ståhl by Tom Ford

bild-132 copy 2The ultimate mix by fashion designer Tom Ford.

bild-132 copy 3Detailed drawing of a late Gustavian armchair signed by chair maker Ephraim Stahl 1800. Page 214 in “The Chair Book” Thorsten Sylven.

220212194924utanskugg_lSimilar chair is available at Laserow Antiques

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When the past meets the present old always become new – just like in this picture where a fantastic gilded chair gives the contemporary interior the edge it needs. The royal chair maker Ephraim Stahl lived in Stockholm and created masterpieces for the Swedish castle during his career 1794-1820. In the early 1800 he was asked to make all the pieces for seating in the Swedish king Karl XIV’s castle Rosenberg. He was highly known for his elegant symbols inspired from the excavations in Pompeii and Herculaneum. Ancient Roman cities that not only inspired the chairmaker but the whole of Europe during the second half of the 18th Century.  Ephraim Stahl preferred gilded finishes with patinated green details. The green was used to imitate the oxidized copper looking like it was just excavated from Italy.

Work Your Own Black Magic

992424_lBlack dining table just waiting to be decorated….

1012736_l…and a set of 6 black dining chairs to seat your guests comfortably.