My name is Liza Laserow – originally form Sweden, now living in New York. Born and raised among period European antiques and a never ending discussion about interior design with my mother, Karin Laserow,  I early developed a strong opinion about these things. “To hell with the rural romanticism!” “Use your antiques!” were a few of my mothers thoughts of the subject. I think she was and still is absolutely right. Don’t get me wrong, I do LOVE the antiques you see at a museum and pieces that are too valuable to even touch….but on the other hand…use them if YOU want to! Antiques should be acquired because the buyer loves them – that love is what make them precious. If you are buying to resell the story is a bit different. Oh well… I hope my blog about antiques will inspire to use antiques, to love antiques but also to learn a little more about what antiques really are.

For more information about who Laserow Antiques & Interior Design are: Laserowantiques.com.